A dream of ascension

You always dreamed of immigrating to Israel but you were afraid to take the first step and you didn’t know who and what awaits you here. Now you have the opportunity to return ‘home’ – to one of our warm communities across the country. We believe that a positive Aliya experience makes a difference and has a long-term impact. That’s why at Habita they emphasize personal and family support that will make the integration process easier for immigrant families. The idea of the ‘home’ is unique and proves itself in the field – “absorption through an urban community”: a network of immigrant communities all over the country and in different languages, with members who themselves, and not long ago, took the significant step of immigrating to Israel. They are waiting to help you make the transition smoothly. You will be able to get to know in advance the friends who will take you in and you will even meet them and go through preparation with them for the aliyah. They will be there for you all the way and thanks to them you will feel that you are reaching a familiar place – that you are coming home.

Many warm communities are already waiting to give you personal and family support and help you overcome the difficulties of acclimatization. All you have to do is choose the communal house that suits you.

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