How do the children and youth form their Jewish-Israeli identity? In what ways do educational activities at school affect the children’s sense of belonging and mutuality? We believe that connecting between children, between parents and children, and between the older generation and the future generation, contributes to the formation of good moral values, reinforces identity and encourages volunteering and initiative in the community. We at Habayta work in dozens of schools to deepen children’s connection with their Jewish-Israeli identity. Thousands of students, in dozens of schools, have connected, through our activities, with the Israeli story – each from his/her own point of view, and each with her/his ability to understand.

We invite you to come home with Habayta – to formulate a meaningful program for your students and staff.

No matter where you place your finger on the Jewish calendar, you will land on a Jewish or Israeli holiday or special date. This makes for a great opportunity for us to offer a meaningful educational experience, complementing the school’s program. We offer a variety of activities, creative workshops, fascinating lectures, and journeys along the paths of Jewish stories, in the spirit of Jewish holidays.
Take a break from routine with wonderful experiences! Habayta offers special events and activity days for schools as a creative and interactive way for meaningful learning, reinforcing Israeli identity and educating in matters of moral and social issues.
We have something special in store for you: an escape room adventure at school, workshops for teachers, unique lesson plans, a virtual reality activity, interactive activities and more. Look around and choose from Habayta’s variety of special activities.

The Cycle of Jewish Holidays

Passover Seder at school

A Passover Seder at school led by an experienced Habayta instructor who delivers an exciting and energy-filled experience. This special activity can be held with the whole school or divided by classes.

Tu Bishvat Ceremony

The festive Tu Bishvat Seder deepens the connection with the fruits of Israel and the sense of personal responsibility in preserving our world and the environment.

A Moving Torah Receiving Ceremony

A very exciting and special event in which first graders and second graders are given their own Torah. This event emphasizes the children’s role in passing on the Torah from one generation to the next.

Selichot Event

An exciting and experiential event for the entire class. We will touch on matters related to the New Year, blow the shofar, sing and prepare for the New Year.

Selichot Tours

The Selichot tours take students through the various stages of the High Holidays, and incite introspection, a sense of renewal and positive thinking in preparation for a new and better year.

We Hereby Proclaim

This experience takes students through the period between the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel in an exciting activity that traces the moving and fascinating story of a Holocaust survivor who came to Israel on an illegal immigrant ship. This activity reinforces the students’ sense of belonging to their state and country.

Israeli Sabbath

The children get to experience the Shabbat as a formative and empowering experience. They will get to know the symbols of Shabbat, its contents, its values and social nature.

Hanukkah – Celebrating Our Heroes!

The children will light up their paths in a journey among the heroes of Jewish history up to the present day.

Celebrating Purim

A school event to celebrate Purim, with a festive Megillah reading out of a real scroll, traditional rattles, songs, games and stories.

Events and Special Days

From One Generation to Another

An activity that brings grandparents grandchildren closer. This experience emphasizes the chain of generations and the relationship of the people of Israel with past generations.

My Family

Family is the most important thing in our lives, each with our own unique family. This special activity for parents and children lets you play together, reflect on the importance of the commandment “Honor thy father and thy mother” and deepen family togetherness.

Exceptional Figures

A journey between the stories of different figures, their life values and what motivated them to act for the Jewish people throughout Jewish and Israeli history. By getting acquainted with these figures, the students will acquire tools and advice for coping with challenges as they grow up.

Signs Quiz

A spectacular and interactive signs quiz on a variety of topics in which all students participate and answer questions while playing together. The quiz may also be about specific topics such as Jerusalem, the State of Israel, mutuality, the Hebrew language, unity, social engagement, Hanukkah and more.

A Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Trip

A significant and exciting trip that introduces the Mitzvah boys and girls into adulthood. Over 5 days, the students participate in various activities which revolve around being a responsible adolescent, positive thinking, respecting others, and the importance of the family, Israel and the Jewish people.

Our Specials

Mitzvah Boys and Girls Program

Activities for boys and girls celebrating Bar and Bat mitzvah. In these activities, the students connect with their journey through adolescence, personally and as a group, learn about different values associated with the age of mitzvah (adult per Judaism) along with various workshops and games. The program culminates in a special event for parents and children. The students may be divided into separate groups by gender to tend to the uniqueness of each of them, and may also comprise a night field trip to trace the story of repatriates who came illegally during British rule, or a trip to an ancient synagogue with a Bat and Bar Mitzvah celebration for all participants.

An actual escape room at school – The People’s Secret

An escape room adventure held at school, that tells the story of the ingathering of the exiles and the establishment of Israel through the topics of tolerance, patience, reception of repatriates, unity and Zionism.

Holy Letters

A unique workshop revealing the work of scribes. An introduction to the world of Sofer Stam and a workshop in which students will write their own name on real parchment.

A Virtual Reality Activity

An interactive game where each student is an avatar and together with the class, they must complete different tasks. This activity can be held together with schools abroad or other schools in Israel.

Zoom Out

A team-building activity with an emphasis on the importance and need to belong to a group and use each one’s abilities to contribute to the whole.

From Values to Actions

Three fun, hands-on experiences on the subject of the Jewish holidays of Hanukkah, Purim and another subject of choice. In these activities, students learn about the story and values of the holidays and go volunteering in the community in the spirit of the chosen holiday.

Workshops for Teachers

Training and tours for teachers – teachers as educational figures, and as group leaders leading projects in the field of Israeli-Jewish identity and values.