Connecting Communities, Connecting People.

How can we reinforce the Olim’ sense of belonging in the Israeli-Jewish life

A supportive community is one of the secrets to the survival of the Jewish people. Supportive communities facilitate a deeper connection and easier integration. At Habayta, we understand that for many of the Olim (Olim), the community is like a family. We also believe that a profound self-identification with the Jewish people and Israel begins in the closest and more personal circles. To this end, we have been operating for over 10 years according to a special model that we developed and implemented. Our model emphasizes the importance of preserving the cultural character of the Olim’ country of origin while integrating them with Israeli qualities and values; of practical tools for optimal integration into Israeli society; and above all, of daily contact with the community and connection between people. Our primary concept is our network of Olim communities, the only one in Israel that comprises dozens of communities that speak various languages – from Safed in the north to Arad in the south. With each community serving as a strong foundation of connection and voluntary activity. Looking for a community for you and your family? Look no further. Join us. Welcome home!

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Please visit our website to look for a community closest to where you live and in your preferred language. Then contact the local community coordinator who will be happy to assist and connect you with the community. Alternatively, you can call us and have a representative help you in one of five languages, and connect you with the relevant coordinator.

First of all, you are most welcome, and we are very happy with the initiative!

To establish a community you need to gather people and find a local member who will serve as community coordinator (if you can’t find one, we will help find a suitable candidate). Then, you must fill up forms and read the brochure that explains the way our communities work and what is required of a community to be part of the Habayta organization.

You may contact Nathaniel Rotenberg, director of the communities’ project, who will meet with you and explain the process and requirements.

We are the largest, ever-growing and only network of repatriate communities in Israel, recognized by the authorities, providing each community with a bundle of content and financial assistance that includes, among other things:

Training and guidance on how to establish a supportive and active community, membership in the national coordinators’ forum, study and training days, seminars and sabbaticals, financial aid for the activity and financing of the salary of the coordinators, various cultural activities around holidays and life events, lecturers in different languages, assistance and support for repatriates and more.

Joining is absolutely free. Some activities have admission fees.
The activities are conducted in the native language of the community members and according to their request. At present, we have communities active in six languages with coordinators who speak those languages.
0 to 120. Our activities are for families and individuals of all ages.
To organize and initiate ongoing activities for the community and city residents; to coordinate the work of volunteers; to work with the organization’s headquarters; to formulate periodic reports; to manage the community’s budget; to form collaborations with other organizations in the city, and more.
Send your resume and specify your preferred location.
If the considerations are a great distance between you and the existing community, or you are from a different country of origin and speak a different language – then yes of course. As long this doesn’t hinder the activity of an existing community, we will definitely help and assist in establishing a new community. However, each case will be examined individually.

Not necessarily. We make it a point to be a community network of repatriates and for repatriates! Religiosity is an issue we don’t want to get into. Habayta’s network consists of communities that define themselves as secular, as religious, and some as ultra-Orthodox.

There is a tendency in Israeli society to categorize people, to label them, which is exactly what drives people away from each other and makes it difficult to live together. We make sure to steer away from this and define ourselves as an Israeli network of repatriate communities. Our goal is for everyone to feel at home.

We make it a point to accommodate everyone’s needs, so that anyone will feel at home. Hence, we seek to establish activities based on common Jewish elements that will suit anybody. For example, on Shabbat there may be members who come to an activity with their phones or by car, but we will still observe certain confines of Jewish law: we will not play music or cook food on Shabbat, and the food will be kosher. If a certain community wishes to pray and hold the service, this will be done according to an accepted version so that everyone can feel comfortable and at home – even members who observe the Shabbat.