Accessibility statement


The “Habita” organization strives to provide a maximum experience of using the website for the general public, including people with disabilities, we have invested a lot of effort in order to enable, facilitate and optimize the use of the website with an emphasis on the needs of this public.

How is accessibility reflected on the site?

·          Change color contrast (dark background color)

·          Highlight links (enabled when changing color contrast)

·          Change text color and background color for the visually impaired and color blind  (enabled when changing color contrast)

·          Textual description for images and icons for assistive technologies

·          A search mechanism for easy and quick access to the various website pages

·          Accessibility statement with an explanation of compatibility, gaps and accessibility responsible

How to use the accessibility plugin?

The accessibility plugin is active all the time on the website and there is no need for any special action to activate it, clicking the change colors button in the plugin changes the background color, changes the text color and highlights links.

Keyboard navigation by using the TAB button to jump to different content areas. 

Inaccessible components and areas

We are aware of the fact that there are several components on the site that are not partially or fully accessible, unfortunately we are unable to make these components and areas accessible and we are making efforts to find accessible alternatives, until we find these alternatives you can contact the person in charge of accessibility whose details are listed later on this page to receive an accessible service for areas and these components.

Details of accessibility manager in the organization:

Full name of the person in charge of accessibility: Natan Dvir

Email of the person in charge of accessibility:

Telephone of the person in charge of accessibility: 054-7466058

The accessibility statement was last updated on 01/17/2023



Unfortunately, despite the many efforts and resources we have invested in making the site accessible, some of the content may still be less accessible, so if you nevertheless encountered a gap in accessibility that interferes and makes it difficult to browse the site properly and easily – we would be happy to receive your inquiry on the matter. I apologize in advance.