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The process of immigrating brings with it many challenges for immigrants and their new daily reality is not simple. They come to Israel from all over the world, leaving behind a life story, home, family, employment and social connections – and are forced to acquire a new language and find suitable frameworks for themselves and their children. In this struggle, we walk hand in hand with them all the way home, with an envelope of activities and social action projects that will allow them a soft landing and open the door to Israeli society.

What is our story?
The ‘Habayta’ organization is a national-social organization that operates as a network of communities to create social change and strengthen the feeling of belonging, Jewish identity and mutual guarantee – in the fields of education, conversion, absorption and encouraging immigration to Israel. The beginning of the organization is a union between two bodies: ‘Kehiloh Machabrot’ – an association founded in 2009 and dealing in the field of aliyah absorption, and ‘Mibereshit Karmiel’ – an association founded in 2013 and dealing in non-formal education. In 2019, it was decided to merge the two associations into one entity, ‘Habayta’. Because connection is the whole story.

How do we do it?
The organization responds to tens of thousands of immigrants in more than 30 communities in five different languages across the country – in an extensive community activity! At “Habayta” we believe that social action and value-based activity have the power to foster a sense of belonging, to lead regeneration and acclimatization processes, to develop strong communities that can face the challenges of the present and the future, and to connect new immigrants from a wide variety of countries, with immigrant sons and daughters, and with Jewish Israelis – without giving up culture the family they came from. The ‘Habita’ organization operates, mainly, out of communal immigrant nuclei in which both new and old immigrants are members who want to help wholeheartedly. The organization incorporates four divisions that together create a national system with dozens of affiliates and thousands of members: a network of communities connecting immigrants, a division for deepening Jewish identity in schools, conversion studios in a family atmosphere, and a division for encouraging immigration from abroad.

Tens of thousands of students in schools across the country feel part of the story in the value activities of the ‘Abayta’. Hundreds of families from a variety of countries come to Israel with the encouragement and support of communities back home Many students study in the organization’s conversion studios and Hebrew studio

A variety of educational activities and content for the formation of an Israeli Jewish identity

A connection to the values of heritage and culture while maintaining the unique voice

A positive, meaningful and supportive ascension experience

Extensive assistance to immigrants with the authorities and integration into society and work

Community circles of goodness and social action


Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish - chairman of the board

Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish was ordained as a Rabbi at Yeshiva University in the USA, and immigrated to Israel in 1995.
He is a doctor of Israeli thought on behalf of the University of Haifa, and currently lectures at Oranim College in Kiryat Tivon and in other frameworks of Jewish studies for adults.
He was also a teacher in schools abroad and in Israel and for nine years in the "Native" course in the IDF Education Corps.
He and his wife Tamara now live in Kiryat Motzkin, but plan to return to Karmiel soon.
As a hobby, he is a partner in building the free Hebrew library on the "Wikitext" website.

Yosef Hotar - joint manager

Educator and social activist
Facilitates and runs activities for children, parents and youth, partner in establishing diverse educational and community projects.
He founded and leads the Mebarashit community and the educational activity in Karmiel
Studied at Yeshiva Otniel.
Lives in Karmiel, married to Karmit and father of seven children.

Netanel Rotenberg - co-director

Has a bachelor's degree in economics and logistics from Bar Ilan University and a master's degree in business administration from Ben Gurion University and has a teaching certificate.
In the early 1990s he worked in Kharkiv Ukraine on behalf of the Prime Minister's Office and the OU organization and was one of the founders of the activity there.
Upon his return to Israel, he worked in education for several years and then moved to the business world and served as a purchasing manager and VP of operations in various high-tech companies. At the same time, he served as a lecturer at the "Israeli Management Center"
In 2013, he joined the "Habayta" organization (communities from companies) and since then has been managing the "Communities" project
Born in 1971, lives in Petah Tikva. He is married to Rakefet and has five children.

Romina Glatshtein - Manager of Hebrew studious

Romina Glatstein brings with her rich experience of over 20 years in the field of education and social action. In her role as an instructor of Hebrew teachers in the Diaspora, Romina worked with dedication in Jewish communities throughout Argentina, contributing her skills and experience to strengthening the connection between the communities and the Hebrew language and culture. Today, Romina continues her important mission of operating Hebrew studios for new immigrants throughout the country. She leads the studio project in her association, which she established and expanded in order to meet the language and absorption needs of new immigrants. Under her leadership, the studios became vital study centers, providing immigrants with the linguistic and cultural tools necessary for successful integration into Israeli society. Married to Damien and a devoted mother of three daughters.

Abigail Hansenson - Director of Communities

Has a degree in education and a teaching certificate, specializes in non-profit management. During her professional career, she worked in several associations, in which she managed a wide variety of educational and community projects, served as the coordinator of programs to deepen Jewish identity, and guided educational teams in Israel and abroad. With a deep commitment to Jewish values, to Zionism and in the belief that community life is the best way to strengthen the sense of belonging of the immigrants, Abigail joined Habayta in 2022 and since then she has been accompanying the dedicated work of community coordinators to Habayta. Abigail was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 2000. Lives in Jerusalem, married to Yehuda and mother of five children.

partners on the way

Be part of the uphill action

So that we can continue the social action we need you together with us.

We invite you to join the circle of supporters in the areas of absorption, encouraging immigration, conversion and strengthening the Jewish-Israeli identity. The many projects we operate are made possible thanks to the generous support of partners in Israel and abroad: foundations, business companies and private donors, and in addition, in partnership with the State of Israel through government ministries, various institutions and local authorities; Education networks and third sector organizations; Education departments, school principals and more.
Every donation will help the way of the ‘Habayta’.