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The process of Aliyah presents substantial challenges for Olim, whose new daily reality is quite challenging. They come to Israel from all over the world, leaving behind a life, a home, a family, a job and friends – and are forced to acquire a new language and find new social circles for themselves and their children. We are here to provide support and take them by the hand through these challenges, with a comprehensive set of activities and social projects that allow an easy integration and open the doors to Israeli society.

Our story

Habayta (coming home) is a national-social organization that operates as a network of communities to generate social change and reinforce the sense of belonging, Jewish identity and mutuality – in education, conversion to Judaism, integration of Olim and the encouragement of Aliyah . Our organization began with the merger of two NGOs: ‘Kehilot Mehabrot’, a non-profit founded in 2009 and engaged in the integration of Olim; and ‘Mibereshit Karmiel’, a non-profit founded in 2013 and engaged in non-formal education. In 2019, the two merged into one – Habayta. Because it’s all about integration.

Our work

Habayta provides solutions to tens of thousands of Olim in more than 30 communities in five different languages across Israel, with extensive community activities! We at Habayta believe that social action and ethically informed activities have the power to foster a sense of belonging, to lead renewal and integration processes, to form strong communities that are able to face present and future challenges, and to connect Olim from various countries with second generation Olim and with native Israelis – without relinquishing the culture of their native country. Habayta operates, mainly, from within communal circles of Olim with both new and old Olim who wish to help however they can. Our organization comprises four divisions that together form a national structure with dozens of affiliates and thousands of members: a network of Olim’s communities, a division for enhancing Jewish identity in schools, conversion courses in a family atmosphere, and a division for encouraging Aliyah to Israel.

Tens of thousands of students in schools across Israel feel a connection to the Israeli story with Habayta’s activities | Hundreds of families from various countries come to Israel every year with the help and support of Habayta communities | Numerous students study in the organization’s conversion and Hebrew courses

A variety of educational activities and content for the formation of an Israeli Jewish identity

Connecting with the values of our heritage and culture while preserving uniqueness

A positive, meaningful and supportive Aliyah experience

Extensive assistance to Olim with bureaucracy, integration into society and finding work

Community circles that provide support and social activities

Members of the board

Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish - Chairman Of The Board

Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish was ordained as a Rabbi at Yeshiva University in the USA, and moved to Israel in 1995.
Doctor of Judaic thought from the University of Haifa, and currently lectures at Oranim College in Kiryat Tivon and in other Jewish education institutions for adults.
He also served as teacher in schools abroad and in Israel and as instructor for nine years in the IDF Education Corps’ "Nativ" course.
He and his wife Tamara now live in Kiryat Motzkin, but plan to return to Karmiel soon.
As a hobby, he participates in building the free Hebrew library on the Wikitext website.

Yosef Hoter – Co-Director

Educator And Social Entrepreneur
Hoter facilitates and manages activities for children, parents and youth. Partner in establishing diverse educational and community projects.
Founder and leader of the Mebereshit community and the educational activities in Karmiel.
Studied at the Atniel Yeshiva.
Lives in Karmiel, married to Karmit and father of seven children.

Nathaniel Rotenberg – Co-Director

Holds a bachelor's degree in economics and logistics from Bar Ilan University and a master's degree in business administration from Ben Gurion University and is a certified teacher.
Worked in Kharkiv, Ukraine in the early 1990s on behalf of the Prime Minister's Office and the OU and was one of the founders of the activities there.
Upon his return to Israel, he worked in education for several years and then went on to serve as purchasing manager and VP operations in various high-tech companies. Concurrently, he served as lecturer at the Israeli Management Center.
In 2013, he joined Habayta and has since been managing the "Communities" project.
Born in 1971, he lives in Petah Tikva, is married to Rakefet and has five children.

Ido Schwartz - Resource Development Manager

Holds a bachelor's degree in management with honors and a master's degree in business administration, from Ben-Gurion University.
Started his career as co-founder of a company, which developed and operated educational enrichment programs in the field of STEM, for children and youth from the social periphery.
After that, he managed the at-risk youth department at the Fathon-Lev association, where he began specializing in fundraising.
He then went on to manage the disadvantaged youth department at the Pitchon-Lev association, where he gained his experience in fundraising. Served as Deputy Director of the Partnerships Development Unit at the Kol Israel Haverim Association.
In 2016, joined Ort Israel where he served as head of the fundraising and strategic partnerships department.
In 2019, Schwartz opened a consulting company that supports dozens of CEOs and social entrepreneurs in building solid infrastructures of philanthropic income.
Born in 1983, lives in Pardes-Hana Karkur. Married to Ayelet and father of three sons and two guinea pigs.


Take part in our Aliyah projects

We need you to join us so that we may continue our important work.

We invite you to join our supporters in the fields of integration, encouraging Aliyah, conversion and reinforcing Jewish-Israeli identity. Our many projects are made possible thanks to the generous support of partners in Israel and abroad – foundations, business companies and private donors, as well as, the collaboration of the State of Israel through government agencies, institutions and local authorities; Education institutions and third sector organizations; Education departments, school principals and more.

Every donation goes a long way in achieving Habayta’s objectives.