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Many immigrants who gathered from different parts of the world and chose Israel as their home, left behind life stories and memories – and started a new story here, exciting and full of challenges. In everyday reality they yearn for a feeling of belonging and home.

We are the ‘Home’ organization and we are here on a national mission with a unique mission:
To connect new and old immigrants to the Jewish and Israeli identity, into a broad and spectacular social mosaic To create a meaningful community experience for them that will strengthen their sense of identity and belonging and enlighten them on the way that will make them part of the Israeli story, while preserving the unique cultural voice.

We do all of this through worlds of joint meetings, activities and rich content in the fields of education, absorption, conversion and encouraging immigration – in dozens of immigrant communities across the country. How good it is to come home to a place that connects everything. Because connection is the whole story.

You are invited to be part of the wonderful journey of all of us

The power of community

An inclusive and sharing community fabric is one of the “kept secrets” for the survival of the Jewish people. Supportive community frameworks lead to deep connection and more successful adaptation. When you arrive at ‘Habita’, you arrive at the only network of immigrant communities in Israel that includes dozens of communities that speak a variety of languages – Mizfat in the north to Arad in the south. Looking for a community for your family to connect with? Welcome to join.

A dream of ascension

A positive ascension experience makes the difference! Dreaming of immigrating to Israel but afraid to take the first step? Don’t know who and what is waiting for you here? Now you have the opportunity to return ‘home’ – to one of our warm communities across the country. They are already waiting to give you personal and family support and help you overcome the difficulties of acclimatization. All you have to do is choose the communal house that suits you.

It all starts with education

Through the educational activity at the elementary school, we deepen the connection to a real Jewish-Yesh identity. My daughters, through us, have already connected to the story and values ​​of components for all of us. We invite you to the ‘home’ to build a service program for them to empower this and strengthen communality.

Conversion is not such a story

here we live calmly! Looking for a conversion framework in a different atmosphere and with personal attention? How good that you came ‘home’ for experiential studies with people from a similar background to yours. An official and recognized course, accompanied by the conversion court of the Chief Rabbinate, an embracing community envelope, classes all over the country and teachers in your language. You have always felt part of the story of the Jewish people, this is your opportunity to connect with a conversion close to home and close to you.

Odin Family
” As soon as we arrived in Israel, we had the support of Habayta, who helped us settle in. We met wonderful people who are now part of our family. Being part of a community means we get to participate in amazing events and tours. We are just so grateful for all that you’ve given us so far. Thank you so much Habayta and all the people who work to make this possible. What you do is a blessing. “
Nathan Dvir
Conversion Teacher
“Conversion is a very personal process. But it is also a national process. Habayta’s conversion courses provide personal attention, support and help throughout the entire process. Welcome home to Habayta!”
“Let me just say something about Rabbi Ben Admon. In 2019, I started my conversion process with Rabbi Ben Admon. Rabbi Ben Admon knows how to listen and is an amazing teacher. More specifically, he knows the mentality of people who seek to convert. He supported me all the way through with my conversion and he continues to help me to this day with all matters related to Judaism and my life as a Jew. All the best, Nathan”

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This time we are hosting Judith Weinstein Gross, marketing director at the Gvahim Association.

A TV interview with Habayta coordinators

Lilia Sokolovsky and Nathan Dvir in an interview on the Russian RTVI channel about the Habayta organization and its everyday life in routine, COVID and under fire.

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The Habayta communities “conquered” Jerusalem.

A two-day national conference of coordinators in Rosh Hanikra

A national conference of all coordinators in various languages was held this year in the Nekarot holiday village.

A new podcast channel is born!

The Habayta podcast channel is launched.

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Habayta helps Olim

The President’s greeting for the Habayta communities.

Despite COVID and quarantines, we keep providing support. President Herzog’s greeting and blessing to the members of the communities.

A multilingual seminary in Shlomi

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Jerusalem Day – 18 buses of Olim

Celebrating the union of Jerusalem with the union of Olim.

Workers needed

Want to connect with us? Workers needed